8. The Man From Nowhere

This is a Korean film that is just nonstop action that sits somewhere between the Transporter and Taken. A special agent loses his wife and has a young girl befriend him. When she gets kidnapped he uses his past skills to track her down and get her back safe.

7. The Wave

This movie takes you into Germany where a High School Professor performs a social experiment after a student states “A dictatorship is no longer possible in Germany”. Shows the chain reaction of events that can happen in just one week.


6. Old Boy

Despite the slow start in the beginning the end of this movie provides a twist that no one could ever see coming. It made me just say “wow” and realize this film was made much better than I anticipated.


5. Battle Royal

This movie is like The Condemned meets Lord of the Flies. The government has given up on the younger generations and decided that the only way to deal with it was to ship classes to a deserted island for a last-man-standing killing event.

4. Ong Bak

If you are looking for straight action then fighting and more fighting this is your film. Tony Jaa is an absolutely amazing martial artist that makes any film entertaining. There are three other movies that are following it that are just as action packed: The Protector, Ong Bak 2, Ong Bak 3.


3. District B13

This french movie showcases some awesome parkour and acrobatic fight scenes. A dangerous district (B13) is shut off from the rest of the country. A prisoner and cop must fight there way in it to save it from annihilation.

2. Evil

A good person put into bad situations must use his fists to get him through life. Despite trying to hold it back with all of his strength the world around him forces him to finally return to his violent past to solve everything.


1. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Some people may have actually been able to catch this film in the theaters; it is globally recognized as a great film. This dark film showcases a troubled girl, in a bad situation, help solve a murder.