Incredibox: Each sound is assigned a man. You pick multiple sounds in a sequenced order and create a musical beat that is hard to stop listening to. It is simple and amusing

iNudge: This tool is slightly more complex but has more functionality to create something awesome. You simply pick an instrument on the side and select a grid cells to select the pitch/note. The higher on the grid, the higher the tone. Pretty simple idea that is all about layering

Drumbot: If you are looking for a little more serious musical creation Drumbot allows you to create drumbeats (the name pretty much says it all). It is straight forward and for people with more of a musical background but can be utilized by anyone.

I know there are TONS of these online and plan to update this list as I come across more in the future. Unfortunately, most are either not entertaining or don’t really provide any value, but keep posted here for the few awesome ones to be posted in the future.