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Week 3 ::: Little Sumpin’

Lagunitas Brewing Company

Every now and then you just need that hop fix; Little Sumpin’ is where I would go to get it. It is a traditional american pale wheat ale (not like your everyday blue moon) that offers a very hoppy flavor that proves not to be too heavy. I traditionally enjoy these kind of ales but limit to one due to the overpowering flavor. This is the first exception I have tasted so far. It has a twist of grapefruit citrus and some pine scents that make this an interesting drink. I found myself smelling the beer almost as long as tasting it. Not my favorite beer in the world but it will appease that fix if need be.

Rating ::: 7.5 out of 10


Week 2 ::: COLETTE

Great Divide Brewing Company

This week’s beer is a suggestion from the staff at Beer Crate in KC. I asked for an interesting wheat beer and COLETTE proved to be just that. The immediate thought that came to mind while drinking it was hoengarden with a twist. this makes sense if you read the label on the bottle that states this is a homage to the Belgian farmers. Utilizing four kinds of wheat this beer provides the light wheat taste you look for in the summer heat without the over-hoppy or cardboard finish some others tend to leave you with. If you let it sit for just a second you will catch the [very] slight fruity sour taste that makes this beer special.

Rating ::: 8.8 out of 10

Week 1 ::: Paulaner Hefe-Weizen

This week’s beer is a nice German beer from Munich. It is a wheat beer that is most known for it’s banana flavor profile. This amber bodied ale has hints of citrus, banana and a hint of spice. In the upcoming summer months this wheat beer is not as heavy as it appears and is one of my personal favorites. This beer can be found at your local Flying Saucer and most Drought Emporiums

Rating ::: 9 out of 10

Not usually a huge PBR fan but I will never decline one again after this hilarious commercial. No one wants to be un-American.