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1. Mass appeal is no longer something companies will need to worry about. By having the ability to target, companies will be able to get higher returns out of their specific sectors and market more efficiently to their target market.

2. There are still gaps in possible marketing venues. Gap = opportunity.

3. Your social media page and email address will be able to draw your info in order to fully customize not only ads, but your whole online experience. (already being utilized by Google and Facebook but there is still a lot left to improve)

4. With the amount of available options, companies have the ability to utilize multiple platform advertising to increase the amount of interaction and exposure.

5. Storing things locally and on paper are obsolete. Information, marketing and many other aspects of human lives are moving onto the internet and expanding to a global scale. You wont be finding anything “around the corner” or “down the street” anymore.

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Whether you are a small company or just an average person with an above average amount of stuff this site is just the thing for you. allows you to store 2 GB of data online for free (even more if you get an invite from an existing user). Not only is that saving anyone around $40 but there is also a functionality built in to allow you to share only specific files or folders to other people via a URL. That is an amazing resource that can be utilized in more ways than I have the time to write about. So just think about it for a second and then start an account (why not it is free).

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This article goes into the importance of having a personal email signature and how it should be structured. Just one of those little things, that could potentially have an impact, that I have really never thought about before.