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Here is the sad truth: MTV no longer plays music videos and there really aren’t too many options out there.

Fortunately for those of us that still like catching music videos, there is ViddyJam; the Pandora of Music Videos from Youtube. All you do is set your musical preferences (just like in Pandora) and click “Jam” to see a streaming playlist of music videos. Welcome back music television



I feel greeeaaat




“he can be 4 years old and you sell him this because he is American”


Lebron calling out America


Too powerful to let the commercial end

YouTube is great. Unfortunately, some of the great stuff on it gets taken down for various reasons.  Next time you find that awesome video a friend posted on accident or episode that probably wont stay online long due to infringement just copy>paste the URL into DownloadTube and presto it is yours/the worlds forever.

Just one more reason to never post anything embarrassing online.

A cool compilation of interesting skills some people around the world have mastered.

8. The Man From Nowhere

This is a Korean film that is just nonstop action that sits somewhere between the Transporter and Taken. A special agent loses his wife and has a young girl befriend him. When she gets kidnapped he uses his past skills to track her down and get her back safe.

7. The Wave

This movie takes you into Germany where a High School Professor performs a social experiment after a student states “A dictatorship is no longer possible in Germany”. Shows the chain reaction of events that can happen in just one week.


6. Old Boy

Despite the slow start in the beginning the end of this movie provides a twist that no one could ever see coming. It made me just say “wow” and realize this film was made much better than I anticipated.


5. Battle Royal

This movie is like The Condemned meets Lord of the Flies. The government has given up on the younger generations and decided that the only way to deal with it was to ship classes to a deserted island for a last-man-standing killing event.

4. Ong Bak

If you are looking for straight action then fighting and more fighting this is your film. Tony Jaa is an absolutely amazing martial artist that makes any film entertaining. There are three other movies that are following it that are just as action packed: The Protector, Ong Bak 2, Ong Bak 3.


3. District B13

This french movie showcases some awesome parkour and acrobatic fight scenes. A dangerous district (B13) is shut off from the rest of the country. A prisoner and cop must fight there way in it to save it from annihilation.

2. Evil

A good person put into bad situations must use his fists to get him through life. Despite trying to hold it back with all of his strength the world around him forces him to finally return to his violent past to solve everything.


1. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Some people may have actually been able to catch this film in the theaters; it is globally recognized as a great film. This dark film showcases a troubled girl, in a bad situation, help solve a murder.

Whether you are sitting at your home or sitting at your desk the odds are you have watched an online episode of some type. Here is a list of free(ish) sites that I have found to catch that episode of True Blood or America’s Got Talent that you might have missed last week.

1. Hulu

This is where you can catch those ABC and Fox episodes you missed from last week. There are commercials that you will have to tolerate (it seems like more and more everyday) but it is a good, safe place to catch a good assortment of tv shows. A very basic movie selection as well that I really haven’t even used.

2. Channel 131

A newer discovery for me that isn’t as well organized and legit as some of the other options on this list. Either way it has HBO and Showtime episodes listed the day after and is free.

3. Surf the Channel

From A-Z this site has them all. You are able to search by show and it will give you options on what source you want to watch the episode through. You also have the option to purchase the episode from iTunes or Amazon as well if you really like the episode after you watch it.

4. OV Guide

This site is a good example of overcrowding information as it has literally everything. It is like a Google of finding movies and tv shows but you really will have to dig to find a site that will work for you and know specifically what you are looking for.

5. Yidio

I recently had a friend tell me about this site and have not used it yet but he swears by it. Pretty cool design and is comparable to MegaVideo without the time limit on watching.

6. TV Clicker

This has by far the coolest design out of all the sites and is still in the beta development stage. interesting to see what changes will be coming in the near future from this site.

7. Youtube

Everyone knows about Youtube but most people don’t realize that if you refine your searches to very specific details (“Show Title” Season X Episode X) or find a useful channel there are actually a lot of episodes online. One drawback to this is that most of the time it will be divided in parts to accommodate the size limits for Youtube.

8. TV Links

The site does exactly what the title says. There is a rating and quality column provided to help you search what episode to choose to watch.

9. TV Duck

This site is pretty basic and straightforward. I have only used it a handful of times but it work.

10. Netflix

This is more of a freeish resource as eventually you will have to pay a monthly rate to watch movies and tv online through Netflix. However, they almost always have a free trial month period that you can take advantage of if you are just looking for a short term solution.

11. MTV

I had to throw this one in for my girlfriend because if you missed the always classy Jersey Shore, you can catch it online here. The layout is a little weird but if all you need is that Guido fix this is the place to go.

These Guys win my vote for craziest job. I got butterflies just watching them