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Here is the sad truth: MTV no longer plays music videos and there really aren’t too many options out there.

Fortunately for those of us that still like catching music videos, there is ViddyJam; the Pandora of Music Videos from Youtube. All you do is set your musical preferences (just like in Pandora) and click “Jam” to see a streaming playlist of music videos. Welcome back music television


No iTunes, no problem. Next time your computer fails you and you lose it all, your music is one thing you will no longer have to worry about. MP3Tunes is a website that allows you to store (and play) all of your songs remotely. So next time you are at a friends house and want to show them that new song or listen to music at work without downloading iTunes, just upload your music to MP3Tunes and you will have access to it anywhere there is an internet signal. You can also dowload the song or send it to any mobile number.

It is also worth noting that for all of your other online storage needs, I wrote about a website a couple of months ago called Dropbox that allows you to store 2 GB free online for everything else.


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Free music is something that the internet has offered since all the way back in the Napster days. While there are plenty of places to download music illegally today, this article will focus on some legal alternatives to watch at work or home.

1. Grooveshark

This is personally one of my favorites and one I use almost everyday. This website allows you to chose songs and organize them into your own personal library, playlists and favorites.

2. Pandora

Most people today have heard of this website as it is the leader in online radio. There are commercials that you will have to listen too and there is a 40 hour/month limit without an upgrade. Still 40 hours should last you a while and you can always switch to one of the other options listed by that point.

3. Musicovery

This is a cool little website that plays music based on your mood. Whether you are feeling dark, positive, energetic or calm a playlist will be created for wherever you chose you are in the mood matrix.

4. Slacker Personal Radio

Just another personal radio option similar to Pandora except you will eventually have to make an account to continue listening (it is still free at that point). There are set stations as well as you can customize your own based on song (like Pandora).

5. Youtube

Everyone knows that there are millions of songs on Youtube but most people utilize it just to listen to a clip at a time. Here you can either make an account and select favorites to play or you can find a channel that you enjoy and listen to all the songs on it. That way you don’t waste 1/2 your day just switching songs.

6. MySpace Music

As Facebook moved into the picture a while back Myspace really started to focus a lot more on its’ music offering. Many artists (both big and small) have plenty of songs to listen to on their Myspace music page.

7. Individual Band Sites

If you are a huge fan of a single artist just go to their website and listen to the songs they have on their website. Most artists know we wont buy without at least a taste so there are almost always some of their top songs to listen to for free on their sites.

8. Blogs

This becoming more of an option everyday as music blogs are being created left and right. Two of my personal favorites are White Panda (check out the play all option at the bottom of the page) and This Song is Sick. Each one is a little different but there are hundreds of blogs just like these out there on the web for you to find.

Whether you are a small company or just an average person with an above average amount of stuff this site is just the thing for you. allows you to store 2 GB of data online for free (even more if you get an invite from an existing user). Not only is that saving anyone around $40 but there is also a functionality built in to allow you to share only specific files or folders to other people via a URL. That is an amazing resource that can be utilized in more ways than I have the time to write about. So just think about it for a second and then start an account (why not it is free).

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Want to pick up a new habit? Try this website that will help poke at you until you pick it up.