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Here is the sad truth: MTV no longer plays music videos and there really aren’t too many options out there.

Fortunately for those of us that still like catching music videos, there is ViddyJam; the Pandora of Music Videos from Youtube. All you do is set your musical preferences (just like in Pandora) and click “Jam” to see a streaming playlist of music videos. Welcome back music television



I feel greeeaaat




“he can be 4 years old and you sell him this because he is American”


Lebron calling out America


Too powerful to let the commercial end

YouTube is great. Unfortunately, some of the great stuff on it gets taken down for various reasons.  Next time you find that awesome video a friend posted on accident or episode that probably wont stay online long due to infringement just copy>paste the URL into DownloadTube and presto it is yours/the worlds forever.

Just one more reason to never post anything embarrassing online.

A cool compilation of interesting skills some people around the world have mastered.